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Generals Zero Hour

I cant believe that the level design on this game is so unbalanced.Were they created to amuse the developers or for the enjoyment of the paying gamer?...Just uninstalled after 20 attempts on USA mission 4 and finally gave up.Impossible to complete, whatever tactic you use.Completed all the other c+c games i own and the first three levels of this game, first time.Do EA know what a difficulty curve is???.Will never touch the franchise again.absolute idiots.Rather have my money back and EA you can keep this crap.


  • Nope, it's not impossible, & you should read the strategy guides et. al. on GameFAQS.com. After some time I found the Generals Challenges also playable. I use a mod called Destructive Forces, you can find it on moddb.com adds a whole new depth to it with new Nations & Units. You should give it a try, I play it often & quit Yuri's Revenge for the time being. Go C&C: Generals: Zero Hour ! ~> http://xitars.tripod.com/sidan.htm
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