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Patchnotes 19.1 PTE

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Greetings Commanders!

Below you can find the first set of changes for the upcoming Patch that will hit all regular worlds early in 2019. We introduced 2 mayor changes so far, that being some changes to substitutions and a late-late-endgame loophole that has been fixed.

Bugfixes and Changes
  • Alliance leader’s name is now displayed on the alliance info window
  • Arsenal now does list all Forgotten Units
  • The amount of supply crates in your possession on a world are now displayed with a counter in the top bar, next to the Supply button
  • Closed a loophole that allowed to field Offense and Defense units with a higher level than their Offense/Defense-HQ. Doing so now will disable the unit until level parity has been restored.
  • A bug has been fixed interfering with unit arrangement in combat preparation screen when changing bases
  • Spanish translation in the Options window has received some update on the button text (thx to @nefrontheone)
  • An error with the calculation of time zones has been fixed
  • Error messages for failed resource transfers have been improved for more clarity
  • An error in the interface has been fixed that caused the base shortlist to overlap with the option box

Limitations to Substitution
To combat the use of the substitution system for the herding of multiple accounts by the same player, we see it necessary to impose some restrictions in the future.
  • From now on, a player account can no longer be substituted on a world for more than half of its total lifetime on said world.
  • Further, substitutions access can only be granted to others as early as 5 days after first joining a world.
  • Lastly, only a period of 30 consecutive days can be substituted at a time, after that the original owner needs to re-issue a substitution request.

We are working on some more changes regarding reducing the effectiveness of multi-accounting, especially on new worlds. These changes will arrive early in 2019 and we aim for a full release of Patch 19.1 before the launch of the next World Championship.

So long, enjoy the holidays on the PTE and see you in 2019!
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison


  • We had to roll back to 18.3 until we can restore the alliance invites again. This will likely not happen before new year.

    We hope you enjoy your time anyway on the freshly wiped PTE :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • i dont like these changes.
    it looks like you have no idea how to combat the use of multi accounts.

    when you receive a report, investigate the player and alts.
    once you find out they all are run from the same IP, ban the main account.
    it isnt rocket science.

    From now on, a player account can no longer be substituted on a world for more than half of its total lifetime on said world.
    Further, substitutions access can only be granted to others as early as 5 days after first joining a world

    that means when a friend starts a world with you he is unable to go away for 5 days unless he hands over his login details to you, which you are now forcing.
  • "early in 2019" means what precisely? March 30th technically meets this parameter. Is this January 10th? February 22nd? Coordination with EA to gain permission to access the server takes weeks, has this not been started yet? What precautions and server testing has been performed to ensure no further blackouts and catastrophic update failures are repeated?

    I do appreciate the updates, though I question the validity of code changes surrounding alts/subs. These changes seem to be catering to free to play players, which is most definitely not the correct direction. Envision needs to disallow multiplayer from the same IP address unless they are pay to play. Altering the substitution program in this manner isn't going to discourage a feature deemed cheating by no one but free-to-play crowd.
  • gamerdruid
    2040 posts Moderator
    Soixie wrote: »
    "early in 2019" means what precisely? March 30th technically meets this parameter. Is this January 10th? .....
    I took it at face value and assume it is as soon after the holiday period is over and they actually get it to work. So 19.1 may indeed become 19.2!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • great idea btw, lets all get ready for another few months of bugs and down time with 0 response from the Devs ! yay ! cant wait
  • Looks like it.
  • This is not a fix to multi Accounting at all. People will just have 10 browsers open at once.
    This is not friends sharing accounts this is a single person using multiple accounts to feed bases to the main base getting 5x the amount of resources as normal players, Normal as in using funds and packages.

    The point of this game is to COMPETE to get to the center.
    Multi-accounting takes that out of the game and it is now who has more fake accounts feeding the main.
    even with funds you can not compete with that.

    There has to be something blocking one player from getting as much resources from forgotten bases based off how many attacks were used by another player , Like if i use 1 attack the person to kill it if its still Damaged only gets 90 percent of Total RESOURCES, and so on. I know killing hard bases would be a pain due to lack of resources gained in a team effort but i rather see this on a few bases than a guy with 320 base kills win, due to him having literally all the time in the world to sit at his computer and make 20 accounts to feed his base and still use funds even further pushing him or a group of them to the top.
    That is not based off skill or is it inspiring competitive play its simply abusing the game mechanics, and not everyone has the time to match these types of players in a who can make the most accounts war.

    Or somewhere where we can send info to someone that can take action against these types of players.
    In any other game Multi-Accounting for farming/feeding would be punishable.

    I feel it should be like this on Tiberium Alliances as-well.

    This is coming from a player that has played since the start of this game and will most likely be here to the end having a job or a life puts these types of players in a whole different league of scum that i would not like to play with or against.

    Now back in the day I remember people getting suspended for Player resource attacking allies bases to gain a resource advantage, people would make a account/ multiple accounts specifically for doing this and they would get suspended for a period, than they changed the economy and fix this issue. this is something far more game breaking and nothing has been done to combat this,and this substitute penalty will do nothing but force members of a alliance to give people there login information.

    Options i see.
    1 Make a patch that prevents multiple accounts to be ran from same ip at once on the same world.
    2 Make multi-accounting punishable and give people the option to either contact someone through the forums with proof, video/pictures and names of the accounts involved so someone can inspect and make a decision.
    3 Resource gain penalty for the base being hit by multiple accounts, making it almost useless to use multiple accounts for 1 base, or lock combat on bases to 2 people and the person who attacks the base the most can only kill the base making multi accounting useless, and once fully repaired may someone else try to kill the base.

    They are attacking bases multiple times with these low level accounts and using 1-2 hits with there main to kill.

    I'm just trowing out what comes to mind.

    but number one seems decent to multi account the will have to share the burden of using these false accounts.

    Number 2 seems the best to me since if you want the game to come down to skill and be competitive this will let people know that the dev-team/enforcement actually cares about the game and will not stand for this type of exploiting.

    Like i said Player resource farming was punishable letting multi accounting go like this is just neglect for the competitive nature of this game, most of us have a life and a job, we like to come home and play this game but that is changing with this type of exploitation.

    Related to Player resource farming.
    gamerdruid wrote: »
    It is a process known here as account eating and it's an exploit that's not allowed. There is a resource cap on the gain made because of mass exploitation.

    Multi accounting gives you a even bigger advantage and on-top some people say just do it to but its not that simple due to the time it consumes to do that on the scale some alliances are doing.

  • Like I said in the opening posting, there are other changes to the game mechanics work in progress that are not yet included in the notes because they where not ready. Those are mainly changes to loot distribution when bases are destroyed.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Ok I missed that sorry for long post than @EE_Elephterion .

    I hope this fixes or makes it hard for Multiaccounting on WCS.
  • I can't login.
  • I can't login or I can't get to my game (firestorm 10)
  • Rovsau
    6 posts Member
    edited January 12
    One solution to counteract cheating is hard work.
    Let me explain.

    The hard work I am proposing can be made easy with tools,
    and effective with volunteers to help speed up the process.
    • Make growth statistics for Days, Weeks and Months (internal or public)
    • Analyze and investigate the top percentage of players
    • Volunteers could perform a rudimentary analysis to select accounts of interest for the actual enforcers of the game rules; reducing workload and improving efficiency; OR any player could +1 a numeric counter towards investigating any player, where you investigate the players with most distrustful votes and/or highest growth speeds.
    • Make tools to help analyse players/alliances and make fast conclusions (I have literally done this in google spreadsheets, using imported data from online sources)
    • Make an effort to ban the top list of obscene cheaters in the game, and make sure the community is collectively informed of your actions and the results
    • Actually ban accounts that have been accessed from the same IP (people can use proxies, but people sometimes make mistakes in their routines)

    IP bans could be 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and then permanent.
    Something like "Three Strikes", to leave a margin for error and change of behavior.

    All this can repel both multi-accounting and growth exploitation.

    The consequences will mean a great deal to all who have invested both time and money into the game
    • Less people will invest real money in cheater accounts
    • More people will feel that the money they are investing in the game are actually worth it
    • Potentially increase profits and popularity over time

    Cheating will become synonymous with wasting money (or time; F2P).

    I know EA want their moneymakers, but TA's days are numbered if this is never rectified.
    So do it like in the actual game itself - invest in the right resources over time - and you will yield great results.

    Secure the game's future and secure people's confidence in investing both real time and real money in your game. For what it's worth, that is what I think you should do.

    PS: I hope you fix the bug that lets you bypass Protective Shields before the upcoming World Championship 2019.
  • I complained a lot about multi-accounts, but finaly if i have to do a choice, i would have prefered people who are abusing multi-accounts, than thoses who are abusing "medium supply pack" and "Premium supply pack" cuz it gives repair times, not just capacity.

    Multi-acounters are spending a lot of times atleast. But those 2 bundles, there is no skill, no strat. Buy repair times, kill bases...

    Iam pretty sure, alliance who win a world is always the one who bought more of those packs.
  • "We are working on some more changes regarding reducing the effectiveness of multi-accounting, especially on new worlds."
    please let us know when you put them in so that we can test them on pte
    right now on pte there is nothing implemented on this front yet
  • gamerdruid
    2040 posts Moderator
    Correct, none of the 19.1 changes have been installed. They were for a few hours but there were a few bugs the PTE was rolled back to 18.3
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Delay the patch all you want chasing multi-account band-aids made of air, the rest need to get installed/patched like 6 years ago. When is this happening?
  • Hello, team,
    I, too, regard the planned changes as critical. Especially for new players on new worlds the representative rule isn't really applicable because they don't have friends in a new game. Similarly, the 30-day substitution limit is not compatible with the real world. Our job, possible illnesses and unexpected life situations can lead to longer downtimes during the long game period.
    Even though I have not yet input for a concrete solution, I would like to ask you to incorporate my arguments into your considerations.

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