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Tiberian 33 Holiday Event - Achievements not received

We are leading alliance in Holiday Event and 3 of us didn't receive any badge for that (this morning 11:00 badges were received by 47 players). As CiC, I checked all players.



  • DanchiZG_1
    10 posts New member
    10 days have been gone, no news, no any sound from EA.
  • We are aware that on a small number of worlds the challenge was not working as intended and could not be completed. We are looking into refunding some CP and Repair Time, as for the aware I'm afraid this can't be awarded manually by us.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • DanchiZG_1
    10 posts New member
    As a developer, I'm sure manual awards/badges can be trigger but it take some extra time to accomplish. Now the question is does EA and you guys there have some tools, time and money to spend on us.
  • DanchiZG_1
    10 posts New member
    I can confirm receipt of Challenge Achievements for Holiday Challenge.

    Thnx developers :)
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