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do forgotten retaliation attacks still happen post fort destruction?

We just killed the fort on Wraith 14 and are in the process of moving out from the centre, before the forgotten retaliation attacks happen (3day post FF destruction)
the issue is that the marked for destruction cross hairs that usually appear on bases still in the centre are missing, so has there been a change or is this another graphical glitch, like the recent infected camps not rendering?


  • In addition to that, the top half of the fort was a blurry mess I could not move up and down the fort to arrange the attack without the top of the fort becoming a graphical mess to where I had to close the window. Hubs were also missing and since the fort has been killed, it is now missing from the map. All of this began when the infected camps were enabled. Cleared cache, turned off all extensions. Still the same mess.
  • Most likely a graphical glitch. Behave as if it is a glitch as no comment has been made on any changes to fort behaviour.
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