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do forgotten retaliation attacks still happen post fort destruction?

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edited December 2018
We just killed the fort on Wraith 14 and are in the process of moving out from the centre, before the forgotten retaliation attacks happen (3day post FF destruction)
the issue is that the marked for destruction cross hairs that usually appear on bases still in the centre are missing, so has there been a change or is this another graphical glitch, like the recent infected camps not rendering?

as you can see the fortress has not rendered correctly and there are no cross hairs on the bases still in the centre


  • ok this is another graphical glitch!

    not good EA some of our guys have not moved which means they may get destroyed.
    that is unacceptable and another screw up
    Indeed, when we attacked the fortress quite a few players could not see the Tacitus due to it not rendering correctly, which i am sure you would agree is a distinct disadvantage
    so, what is going on?
    was there another update and why were we not told about this?
    and what will the compensation be for this and the messed-up Christmas challenge?

  • See my other comment, is a glitch.
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