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Block / Unblock Feature for Messages.

Just a thought, is there any way a block / unblock function can be implemented to messages that we can manually block for the players that give you nothing but bad attitude and grief.



  • gamerdruid
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    There is an ignore feature in the chat part of the game, and an ignore feature for email style messages has been suggested a number of times in the past.
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  • Okay thanks, an ignore feature for email style messages would be ace ,if it can be done.
  • Its been added to the list of requested features, but so far I can't give any ETA.
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  • +1 for this request, tired of being spammed by juveniles
  • N_B_C
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    +1 - Every mature messaging service has a spam blocker; this is way overdue and a simple piece of code
  • You can block communication from other players across all pathways through the Block function, including chat and messages on a world.

    You can use it with /block <username> or by going to the Player info card of the respective player and using the Block Player button at the bottom.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • the problem might be the ability to spam the diplomatic requests and chat boxes contained within the command tab where attacks, invites and diplomatic news scrolls down the left side of the screen. i find it useful to use in case of an attack against another alliance. it makes it harder for people to pinpoint an attack location if the attack warning is quickly buried by spam ally requests or spam chatting to keep the notification reappearing. if there is not a function to ignore diplomatic requests invites from nuisance accounts there should be. i realize i may push the boundaries and beyond when it comes to finding the limits of acceptable conduct but ever since the beta servers ive been dedicated to always trying new things pushing limits and identifying problems by example in a way im sure have caused a few of the patches over the years. i apologize for my insufferable behavior but maybe testing tolerances has to happen for things to change.
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