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coming new patch

if it on old worlds it kill them when to few players on them so you can not fill 4 hubs if take away sub on them.


  • gamerdruid
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    No new patch has been rolled out for quite some time. They’re working on 19.1 but it has been delayed by the holidays.
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  • in some old worlds it is so few players when many quit and send sub so if take away sub those worlds dead when you can not fill 4 hubs longer.
  • New patch preventing subs shall be the death of many old servers.

    Immanent doom, but of course absolutely no communication regarding when the hammer is coming or any specific details regarding this "30 day limit". Calendar or playtime? When does the clock start? With the patch or shall players be cut off at the knees like rotting fungus? This patch is a horrific detrimental waste of time that doesn't address the sub problem on any level and shall destroy quite a few good paying customers (and worlds).
  • methuselah
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    This is the old "unintended consequences" thing rearing it's head. The community has made a big deal out of people abusing the sub system in the newer servers. The developer is reacting to that concern by trying to make it harder for people to abuse.

    A by product of that fix is going to be what you describe above but I'm told there is no way around that. Either they let people abuse substitutions going forward or they try to clean it up which will have the by product of thinning out old worlds. In certain circumstances that will be frustrating, say if you've invested time in growing a sub. In certain circumstances that will be inconvenient, say you have a sub you've been using to hold POI or you are trying to tackle the fort and you need virus help.

    In certain circumstances it will make those old servers a little more interesting, holding POI just got MUCH harder!
  • if you make that patch you kill old worlds when people quit and only send sub and then it not people to fill 4 hubs so then no meaning to play any longer.
  • if you make that patch i proberly quit all 4 of my accounts and i played since first beta came.
  • kevmif
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    This is fantastic. Who cares about old worlds - they are done. Looking forward to playing the game again the way it is meant to be played - managing alliance members, all contributing etc. Not 10 people controlling 5 accounts each.

    Now just need a way to fix people sharing accounts. My suggestion there is to force all logins to require 2FA.
  • gamerdruid
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    edited February 2
    The updated announcement makes clear that it is not currently planned to be rolled out to existing worlds, only new ones.

    After a little thought, you will see if the number of days of a sub on an old world reads 0 (on my account it does on many worlds even though subs have been issued) then if the account has been on the world for 1000 days then another 1000 is possible.

    On new worlds without the legacy of days already 'in the bank' it is a lot quicker. Assuming a sub is issued after the minimum 5 days, then only 5 days of sub is possible.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • when this patch is enforced on the old servers, i shall stop playing. Thank you EA (or whoever) this was the last game i still spend money on. i do play the old servers, with friends made 7 years ago. Many of whom have left the game. i hold many of their subs.
    You guys already implemented controls to stop players farming subs bases. what can you not control now?
    the old worlds are still a challenge for players to max out their bases. this is what i am doing.
    so again, i will stop paying for funds now. then stop once i loose control of my subs. if subs is such a problem, why not just removing the sub option?
    good luck and good bye CnCTA , eventually..
  • I like this patch and objectively speaking, it is very good, so bravo devs!
    I think old welts should have been or have to be closed at some point. Can only hope that this new patch will limit as much as possible multi-accounting situation and, perhaps, dictator type atitude from so many players on most of the servers.
    This game is still good.
  • "We are currently considering the upcoming worlds as the first where we will enable the restrictions to substitution and loot distribution. Should we find it necessary we may enable them on older worlds as well." - Dev

    Thank you!
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