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delete my account

Hi i would like to get my account deletet.


  • gamerdruid
    2042 posts Moderator
    You would need to contact ea.com/help
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  • methuselah
    293 posts Senior Moderator
    Or just no.
  • won't happen, besides the obvious fact that EA doesn't support this game, no one will delete accounts.
  • methuselah
    293 posts Senior Moderator
    I'm not sure if "EA doesn't support" means Envision supports or if it means no one supports. If the former then ignore me, if the latter that isn't true or fair. In this games heyday when it was young they did not delete accounts. Seems like there was a reason for that although I can't recall what it was but the reality is you can just not log in, this isn't hard.
  • EA = Electronic Arts
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