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live or die

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hi. only a novice at c&c and no idea how the game go's, i was handed a surprise after 3 weeks construction.
on 06/01/19 i signed out, on 07/01/19 i signed back in, why a blue blue button! i thought it was green. ha ha firestorm server oh that's where i am, given a choice something for free. nod or gdi, hang on a minute this isn't where i want to be, i want to go home, never mind choosing, so neither selected was again offered something, ho ho to start again, another choice how interesting.
I was playing world 37 so why would anyone think i might prefer firestorm, now the question that's nagging me; if i died in the game how do i know i'm dead if i think i am still alive! i have absolutely no idea whats going on, perhaps someone might take the time to enlighten me as to whats happened, i would hate to make a decision in haste.


  • gamerdruid
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    Underneath that big button should be an option to change server. Alternatively, once you’re on Firestorm 11 you can go to options at the bottom right of the screen and then choose my games where the worlds you’ve started will be listed.
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  • hi you are right and the reason is i locked myself out but all's well now thanks:}
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