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My repair time is gone.

I have an issue.
I got forgotten attack when I attack a base and my base has damage after attack. My airport was damaged. I sold it and I put new one and I upgraded again to same level via upgrade tool. After that I repaired my army using repair all button but it didnt repair. So I use that repair all button many times but it didnt work again. I refresh the page for repair again but I got some result, So I noticed to my repair time is only 5 - 10 minutes and my airport level is only 4 but it must be 37. But I was have aprox 2 days of repair time. I took some screenshots.

^^ 1

^^ 2

You can see unused vehicle repair time 1 day 16 - 19 hours in screenshots. It is imposible.

My attacks was interrupted, becuase this problem.
What can I do?
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