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kOeGys wish for the WCS setting and balance stuff

Hello its koegy!

1. World settings of the WCS 2019

Ofc there shouldn't be buyable repairtime. Its a server of skill and Teamplay and not "I have much money, don't need repairbuildings, can afford 72h repairtime a day". This has nothing to do with competition and championship!

I would like to have the following settings for the upcoming WCS:
Moral with 7 level difference and forgotten attacks.
Why moral? Without moral the Gamebalance gets **** up. Tunnelexit will be ignored because you won't shoot any outposts. The production in your cashbases is below 40% of your overall production, due to the fact that you have such high pois which will give you enough bonus to ignore your own cry and energy production. 7 level difference is the perfect match, whether you farm outposts or kill forgotten bases.

Why forgotten attacks? Well it kinda slows down the game a bit, but it prepares your alliance for incoming PvP and it's a nice add-on where you have to improve your defence. In addition you have to dig as an alliance towards the mid because you can't stand alone in range of 50 bases. Only downside is that you can't test your defence, because how often and when you get attacked is to random.

Yes I know, world's with moral, you have to spent more time farming, simulating bases, improving your production in your bases and finding good layouts( all this makes fun).. but it's a world championship server where all good players should come together and fight each other, and forgotten with moral world's afford the highest requirements of "skill" and Teamplay.

So please don't make it so boring like other world's, where you login into your account, grind down a base with 10+ hits (which often don't need any simulation skills), afterwards you can go offline because you are out of repairtime.

2. Some minor game changes improve the balance

It feels like the game is kinda dead in things of development, improvements or anything else. And I can't understand why, it shouldn't even be a big thing to make the game better or even balanced, for example:
Changing the numbers of offensive or defensive unit's to improve the balancing and variation! Everyone who watches or plays a world knows how a defence looks like: 2buster,2 flak's and the rest is infantry..why? Because it's the best! Tanks in defence? No chance, every nod player has at least 3 strong cobras who will be the deadly counterpart of vehicles in the defence.. long-range artillery? No chance, far way to expensive for the little impact they have. Make it cheaper, the tanks harder to kill and maybe let us research the Mammut for the defence. :P

When you don't implement a third fraction, why not balancing the existing one? There is a biiiig gap between nod and gdi ! There are 3 types of ppl playing gdi: ppl like me who like the challenge playing the harder fraction, ppl who wants to give gdi a try ( after 1 week 99% of them say: next world I play again nod, gdi sucks), and the third type are noobs who don't have a real impact in the competition of a world and choosed gdi because of the blue screen.
Nod is better, easier, more efficient at farming and even till the endgame the defence is stronger..

Make gdi great again! How? Again, Just scale some numbers. The biggest difference is the bomber: for nod it's the ultimate weapon to kill outposts or bases, because of the 0,5 range.
For gdi the hawk is the biggest crap of history after u headed 2-3 weeks into the world! 1,5 range, yes we love it, wasting all ammunition before reaching the buildings because it flew over a wall, nice. Or needing two more attacks for a base then a nod player, because the gdi player needs to kill at least twice  the much buildings then a nod one.
Hey I would be fine with it if gdi outscales nod on other things but this isn't the fact either.. the almighty mammoth compared to the sooooo much weaker Avatar. The range of the mammoth is nice, that's true.. but that's it, the mammoth is more expensive, it has less hp, deals less damage and the biggest thing: the upgrade! Its a joke, a big mess, a junkpile of ****.. just the worst upgrade in the game, for the "best" unit in a gdis army... Tell me why? Why can't it have a little shield like the forgotten ones? Or maybe more damage upgrade like the predator? Because then it will be too good, like the Avatar with lifeleech who can kill everything on his lane and will have full life at the and without costing any repairtime?and I even won't say anything about the overpowered salamander compared to the weak upgrade of the Kodiak.. it's a nice upgrade, it's only to weak. There is so much more to say but I think it's enough.

All in all, there is only a small tuning of numbers needed to change the balance between nod and gdi, and also making the game more interesting by giving the opportunity to build other defense variations and stuff.

I don't say it's a bad game. I love it, being together with ur friends, simulating bases, helping each other out and having long nights because of PvP action.. but it's so easy to make it more exciting and interesting..

Best regards
The best and most gdi loving player


  • II_Karpov_II
    12 posts Member
    edited January 12
    I agree with you. But iam a Nod player, so i want to say that : do not change NOD gameplay!!!

    I choose NOD always not because "GDI" is harder, but because i was a noob that prefered the red color* And now i do not want to change.

    If what you said is globaly true, there is also some good point for GDI i believe, like the range Paladin^^

    About WCS settings. Yes you are totaly right, no rapairtimes to buy!

    Moral and FA seems to be the best settings.

    Or makes FB harder to kill... I mean much harder, change all forgotten units to make them much stronger. (Or maybe a system of bonuses, like POI for us!!)


  • Agree with Koegy some balance is required between GDI and Nod, for example, Orca with shields or paladin with shields like the cobra that will help to balance the game between the two fraction
  • if you make wcs with moral, make it at least 10 levels or even more, not 7
    we have seen this enough times: with 7 levels the game becomes unbalanced, with 75% farming, 25% digging
    digging is fun because you can do it in a team, and get a joint reward in poi, and good resources too
    there is no fun in farming because you compete with your teammates for targets, and do not get anything accomplished as a result of it, just a waste of ammunition and bad blood inside the team
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