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Combine C&C Rivals mechanics for new game-play style

I would like to suggest a new world style that greatly increases how long a player can find a 2nd base, 3rd base and conquer the center of the world. Normally it takes 1 week to research a 2nd base, another week to research a 3rd base and from start of the world to conquering the forgotten fortress, it would be 4 to 5 months.
This world style relies on card decks in addition to regular resource production in Tiberium Alliances. Every unit's cost (minus the main base buildings) are cut somewhere near 3/4. After upgrading a unit thrice, it needs to level up with the use of cards. It works the same way with C&C Rivals. The minimum time limit a harvester/power plant can produce a resource package is half the amount in a regular world. Card decks are provided once every 3 hours; they can also be purchased and be obtained by looting forgotten defense HQ's.
Instead of research being the only way to obtain new units, card decks can unlock it as well. What a player can unlock depends on his rank (initiate, acolyte, sergeant etc.), with higher units needing higher ranks. Research can still be used on upgrading units, purchasing MCV's and support artillery's.
Also in this world setup, players can compare one another's offense by check upon the base and pressing a button. This can only happen if the player is online (friend, foe or NAP) and the other player must accept. Basically you fight in a similar fashion with C&C rivals, with the units in the deck are based on what your offense units have. If you have 3 Avatars, you can only build a maximum of 3, any unit that is blown up lowers the limit. The recharge time is greatly decreased and the map is larger.
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