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There are many waiting for the next Wrath World
The last 2 New worlds have both been Tib worlds and the next seem to be The Championship Server
But Many of us AVERAGE Players will not be going on Champ Server as that is for the Semi/Pro players so not much Point for us average Players
BUT we do want a New world soon, and its only Fair that it is a Wrath World this time

So Devs PLEASE Factor it in and let us know a approx time


  • Yes! 37 Tiberius is already over. World Championship is not for mere mortals 8- (. Release a new world please!
  • I too would want a new world soon; but the recent screw up, we may as well wait till things get fixed. It seems that the recent incident is a little complex. I would prefer an new world type where it would be much faster to reach the center even though the world is the same size as a regular TIberian/Wrath/Firestorm world. Though I will agree to join any world if it doesn't have malus and has a decent tiberium production. E.g. 2 4-touches or at least 5 3-touches.
  • Indeed, a Wrath Welt would be nice!
  • Any new world would be good.
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