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Patch 19.1 notes and schedule

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Hello Commanders,

we are finishing up the last changes to Patch 19.1 on PTE and are eager to release the next update to all the other game worlds.

Below you can find a list of upcoming changes and our timetable for the patch rollout.

Bugfixes and Changes
  • Alliance leader’s name is now displayed on the alliance info window
  • Arsenal now does list all Forgotten Units
  • The amount of supply crates in your possession on a world are now displayed with a counter in the top bar, next to the Supply button
  • Closed a loophole that allowed to field Offense and Defense units with a higher level than their Offense/Defense-HQ. Doing so now will disable the unit until level parity has been restored.
  • A bug has been fixed interfering with unit arrangement in combat preparation screen when changing bases
  • Spanish translation in the Options window has received some update on the button text (thx to @nefrontheone)
  • An error with the calculation of time zones has been fixed
  • Error messages for failed resource transfers have been improved for more clarity
  • An error in the interface has been fixed that caused the base shortlist to overlap with the option box
  • The prompt for leaving the game when closing the game tab/window has been removed

Limitations to Substitution
To combat the use of the substitution system for the herding of multiple accounts by the same player, we see it necessary to impose some restrictions in the future.
From now on, a player account can no longer be substituted on a world for more than half of its total lifetime on said world.
Further, substitutions access can only be granted to others as early as 5 days after first joining a world.
Lastly, only a period of 30 consecutive days can be substituted at a time, after that the original owner needs to re-issue a substitution request.

Changes to Loot distribution
As another measure against the boosting of accounts with multi-accounts we also are going to change the distribution of loot rewards for the destruction of bases.

The resources looted by the player destroying the Construction Yards will now be based on how much the player striking the killing blow has also contributed to the destruction of the defense units. The difference in resources between that amount of loot, that the last player receives and the total value of the base is lost.
This only affects the loot gained from base structures, rewards for the destruction of defense units remain unchanged.

We are currently considering the upcoming worlds as the first where we will enable the restrictions to substitution and loot distribution. Should we find it necessary we may enable them on older worlds as well.

We will begin to patch the first set of worlds on 6th February at the usual time, from 07:00 to 16:00 UTC.
This process will take the entire time, we will be shutting down the worlds one after another, apply the patch and bring the worlds back online. This will be followed by a week to observe for any side effects on retail servers. The remaining worlds will be patched 12th & 13th February 2019.

Patch Rollout 06. 02. 2019
World 8 Spanish
World 56 (Europe)
World 3 Dutch
World 61 (USA East Coast)
World 62 (Europe)
World 9 French
World 7 Brazilian
World 68 (USA West Coast)
World 71 (USA East Coast)
World 15 Russian
World 4 Turkish
World 8 Brazilian
World 13 Spanish
World 3 Italian
World 16 Russian
World 14 Spanish
World 9 Brazilian
World 17 Russian
World 9 Polish
World 5 Turkish
Welt 33
World 13 French
World 10 Brazilian
World 89 (Europe)
World 10 Polish
World 19 Russian
World 93 (Europe)
World 11 Brazilian
World 14 French
World 94 (USA West Coast)
World 5 Portuguese
World 15 French
World 2 Swedish
World 21 Russian
World 107 Classic (USA East Coast)
World 2 Danish
World Championship 2015
Tiberian 6 (Europe)
Firestorm 4 (Asia Pacific)
Wrath 9 (Americas)
Wrath 13 (Americas)
Tiberian 22 (Europe)
Tiberian 24
Tiberian 25
World Championship 2017
Veteran World 3
Wrath 17
Tiberian 29
Firestorm 8
Tiberian 33
Tiberian 35
Tiberian 36

We will announce the Rollout for the remaining worlds in due time.

So long, see you on the battlefield commanders!
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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  • Added patch note:
    • The prompt for leaving the game when closing the game tab/window has been removed
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Update maintenance has commenced and all worlds should be back online now. Please let us know if you encounter any problems while playing :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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