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Spam Messaging has gotten out of control.... WHY?



  • @ gamerdruid i believe spammer on FS11 is presently inactive
  • one_cIown wrote: »
    1) Type the name of the spammer (or part of his name) into the mail filter box.
    2) Select all (it will only be his mail you select)
    3) Delete all (it will only be his mail you delete)
    4) Repeat steps 3 and 4 above until zero mail from him remains
    5) Delete his name from mail filter box and you will see all your remaining mail from everybody else
    6) If there are more than one spammer then repeat processes with next spammer name
    7) When all spam and spammers are deleted from you inbox go about your usual business

    This only seems to be a temporary feature, if only there was also a way to completely blacklist a person. With this, you would only be cleaning the mess a spammer makes. Also some restrictions to messaging would be nice, so that it would deter spamming as a whole.
  • gamerdruid
    3569 posts Moderator
    It still takes a long time to delete hundreds of messages which equates to many pages.
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