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Camps/outposts can disrupt territory

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edited February 2019
I am playing on wrath 6, and I discovered this happened. It was just about now. The level 7 tiberium camp is bending the territory around it. Its as if there is a low leveled enemy base next to me. It would cost me 13 cp to attack instead of 11 cp. If it was a tile to the right however, it would cost me 16 cp instead of 12 cp. I am using a brand new alt created from an email that was created for passport documents. The alt's complete name is EinarThePillager; I will still be using shinerplunderer for forums related activities.
Will this get patched on the next update? Also it seems that the bug disappears after the page is reloaded; does this mean that this is a client side bug?
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