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Next regular world on either late February or early March

What is the next world that the developers are planning to add that's a regular world? I meant by regular world, it would be the Tiberian/Wrath/Firestorm series as a whole. Also is the world that would premiere today a tiberium or crystal oriented? I would like to know what focus the worlds will be, even though the world's layout is secret until launch. It is so that I would know how difficult it could be. What about the next world?


  • There is no difference in Tiberium and Wrath worlds in regards to crystal or tiberium favor if thats what you ask. The difference is merely the launch time. As for the next world after Tib38, thats the WCS.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • What I'm asking is if the predetermined layout for any world will suite a early tiberium based layout or the layout would be crystal based, which will force players to attack earlier if they rely on making a lvl 8 construction yard and lvl 8 comm center. Anyways, the layout of TIb38 looks pretty nice. A decent 4 Tib touch with 2 3 mixed touches featuring 2 tiberium.
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