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Indestructible Infantry Parachute Units?????

As far as I am aware, in the past when infantry units were carried by air units, if the air unit was destroyed, then the infantry unit would parachute down at this point. If the the air unit made it through all the defence lines then the infantry unit would be parachute down at the first base structure directly in front of it.

However, in T13, some players in our alliance have recently noticed a change from the above. When an air unit carrying infantry was destroyed, the infantry unit parachuted down but headed directly to the base structure on the back row of the base without coming under any defensive fire, bypassing undamaged structures and then landed directly next to the base structure on the last row to inflict damage to it.

This seems a bit weird to me (and our players) because, in effect, these parachute units appear to be indestructible and it is impossible to defend against their attacks.

All I can guess is there has been some kind of recent “fix” to the game for the parachute units because maybe they were not performing exactly as they should but now they seem to be over performing!!!!!!!!

One of our players whose bases have been attacked by these very “determined" parachutists has agreed to keep some battle reports in case a Moderator would like to take a look to get a clear picture showing what is happening. These can found in T13 within the Incoming Reports of Squeegee1978 base SO-4N.

Please could you advise whether what is happening is correct? And if so is there anyway to defend against infantry parachute units? And if what is happening is not correct, please could you arrange for a “fix” to be implemented as soon as possible. Thanks


  • This type of 'incident' is already under investigation. A moderator would gain nothing by seeing it in action :wink:

    However, an employee would possibly gain in that they'd then be able to reproduce the 'incident' and then decide if it needs action. Contact @EE_Elephterion and @enigm directly when you are able to send direct messages. They're currently unavailable, but I will direct them to this thread.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Ok Thanks, if you can point them to this thread that would be great and I will see if I can DM them :)
  • i was able to reproduce it pretty sure figured out the problem the nod infantry being invisible it isnt seen by any of the defense and it doesn't lose the cloak because no infantry comes in range being its floating and the only way it seems to drop is if there are three blank spots either from the back of the defense or in between buildings im pretty bad at explaining **** here but i could show someone in game very well i tested in every way i could
  • corection two blank spaces for the troop to come down made a video of pretty good example on the PTE a few min ago https: //drive.google.com/file/d/1iLQeGAqL8bjq9TB67MLyQmp0SEg17yMA/view
  • theres a space in the link or it wouldnt let me post lol
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmOV18ysUKE&feature=youtu.be
  • From what I've seen, when the air unit carrying the infantry is destroyed and the unit parachutes out, if there is a space in the same column within the defence set up (ie a square without a defence unit or lake, scrub etc) the infantry unit will land before it reaches the structures and fight as normal. However if there are no gaps in the column the infantry unit is floating along it will continue through to the structures. Then similarly the unit will land if there is a space between the structures or otherwise it will continue to the back row. Just my opinion but I think whatever the reason is, it does seem to be a glitch/error in the game because I find it difficult to understand why some cloaked parachute units get through and some don't? It seems to me once the air unit carrying the infantry unit is destroyed then the game will land the infantry unit at the next available open space within the column it is moving along irrelevant as to whether it is within the defence units or the structures and makes a bit of a mockery of the defences of the base being attacked.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    From what I could reproduce, it only affects the stealthed militia units of Nod, other infantry works like intended.
    In the case of the Militants, they should land on any free field in their lane. However, they will for some reason seek out a field that has an additional free field ahead, otherwise they will continue to glide.

    At any rate, its a bug and I hope we can provide a hotfix before WCS for this.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • 9fine
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    bump.. this is still a problem and exists on WCS :(
  • That's a joke that you can destroy a FG Base without RT with the bug, especially the damage in pvp
  • MostlyYoda
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    So the developer knew about this months ago, EE_Elephterion is probably the person that told Schafa on WCS to start using this trick. He had months to fix this, but he was to busy fixing the WCS
  • In Tiberian 16, we use it since about a week... In PVP... Since we know about that... And I have to say... It is very sad I think. No satisfaction killing enemy bases with that bug...
  • BambiByte
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    I've seen this bug too.
    Other infantry units (even in GDI) carried by an air unit will attack def units if they are in range.
    The problem is that militant units will not attack def units below - while they are gliding through the lines --> so, they can keep the cloaking bubble and turn into immortal units. This is a bug.
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  • BambiByte
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    I think, this bug should be fixed immediately.
    Using this attack method is more than unfair. In GDI, infantry unit attacks the units on the ground after the carrier is killed. The same unit in NOD should behave in a similar way and should loose its camouflage at the same time. I think it is an unintended behavior, since this way GDI player have to fill up the base structure to avoid the holes inside even if he will have worse income, meanwhile NOD player is not forced to do so.
  • We have a hotfix patch that we hope to test on PTE tomorrow. Depending on how that works we can make an update to WCS2019 and the other newer worlds asap.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • NOD parachute "bug" has been around for years. Mainly players just using it more often because of word-of-mouth, etc.
  • We have a hotfix patch that we hope to test on PTE tomorrow. Depending on how that works we can make an update to WCS2019 and the other newer worlds asap.

    This is really good news. Is it possible that in the near future the existing worlds will get the "hotfix"? (not just new ones)
  • SpeirFein wrote: »
    NOD parachute "bug" has been around for years. Mainly players just using it more often because of word-of-mouth, etc.

    Well, this bug arose due to the fix of another bug I believe. In some cases units used to get stuck on buildings in the first row of a base. Letting Nod Militants slip by the defenses that way was never intended.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • BambiByte
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    Is there any chance to have the fix even on Tib26 and similars? (not just on new worlds)
    It is annoying to have a continous loss of income, because reconfiguring the base buildings is the only way to prevent the parachute trick if attacker is NOD.
  • The fixes will come to all worlds with the next full update 19.3. Unfortunately I have no ETA yet.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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