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  • delkle wrote: »
    who cares if someone uses alt to grow stronger

    enough people care

  • Maybe my reasoning needs a technical complement, but what if instead of blocking the group attack on the bases, would the alliance bonus rule be changed?

    As the players most benefited from the account outs are obliged to keep within the very alliance many accounts with evolution much smaller than the main one for a long time, could be changed the sum of bonus of the alliance referring to the evolution of all the accounts of the alliance, as well it would bring a greater benefit to alliances that opt ​​to keep a larger number of evolved players within the alliance rather than a lot of support accounts while at the same time increasing attack retention time when a base is attacked by accounts that are in alliances different making it impossible to use outs outside the alliance and at the same time resolving base robbery at the beginning of the game, I do not know myself. My own experience was clear, the language limits me a bit with the little programming knowledge: P
  • Soixie
    576 posts Member
    There shall be no roll back of 19.1 allowing multiple bases to obtain same loot from sharing attacks.

    This has been stated numerous ways, but continue holding your breath wishing for cheat code to be added back.
  • Hi Soixie ,

    this update does not take my sleep hahah for a matter of time always attacked alone

    but it makes me sad to see some friends thinking of stopping because they have a game ideology different from mine, as I always say I like the game, I spread it, teach it, so that more and more players have more, not less :/
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