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Chronic unbalance between NOD & GDI

I have noticed that there's NO balance between GDI & NOD, in every world the majority of the top 100 are NOD. Is admin ever going to address this issue?

Because of this, in worlds with alliances exclusively GDI or NOD--the NOD are clicking-up and it's doubtful any GDI group will EVER badge top 4 in worlds with this format. How's that going to impact on future solo faction alliance worlds like Firestorm 11?

I predict GDI players will begin to avoid these worlds...


  • Nod only has the advantage late game. GDI has it in early game. You are correct however because Nod players often abuse/use the Cobra's shield. The shield grants it another 100% life without the need for repair time, so if the cobra goes into a fight without losing its shields, then its a major advantage. GDI doesn't even have the closest thing to a shield. Maybe if some of the research upgrades for GDI were replaced with like 50% repair time discount or a makeshift shield, it would be a game changer. Instead of trying to correct the balance, I would propose being able to research the opposing bases and/or mixed bases to remedy this issue. It would also resolve issues regarding multi-accounting if a player wants to play both GDI and Nod. I could imagine seeing GDI Orcas and Nod Cobras flying side-by-side in the same offensive strike. Such a combo would annihilate everything but the structures. Flak should however be baited by cobras.
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