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Superweapon of mass destruction

I didn't have a better idea for the name, but its more of a generic name.

The super weapon that I propose of is a combination of both the Ion Cannon and the Nuclear Missile. Only the leader of the 1st rank alliance can access and fire it, it has a cool down of a week in between fires and at the start of the world, has said cool down. It can only be accessed by selecting your base (if you are the CiC and your alliance is 1st place) and clicking on the super weapons tab.
The ownership of this super weapon transfers from alliance to alliance as the alliance rankings shuffle. What this super weapon does is annihilate all bases that are neither the owner's alliance or its allies. It will eliminate forgotten bases, other alliances that are NAP's, enemies or not associated with the alliance in question.
It does so by firing a beefed up version of the Ion Cannon from the selected base and towards the end of a cone. The cone is 1/6th of a circle, and the circle is the maximum distance a base can move if said base was destroyed. All bases, outposts and camps are instantly annihilated, with their combined loot distributed between all member's bases. To prevent loss of power, 1/5th of all resources (Tiberium, Crystal, Research Points and Credits) are converted directly into power.
With such super weapon, it is possible to reach the center in a regular world in 2/3rd's the entire time it takes to reach the center.
Take not that this suggestion is not meant to be taken literally! Otherwise its too OP and would give the lead alliance a boost in score and distance that would prevent other alliances from catching up. Its more meant for comic relief (Look at all those scorched forgotten faces).
This idea of mine is meant to be so OP, that the developers may as well laugh at the suggestion, as it turns any world into a piece of cake. This however can be implemented into the PTE if they find it useful.


  • gamerdruid
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    A strange idea... (I understand the post). I'd reverse it and make it any alliance that has the weapon, not the just the1st. Any bases, friend or foe is destroyed or damaged by a decreasing amount. Those closest to the furthest point 100% reducing in 5% increments to 0% for those within 10 spaces of the cic base. Maybe also have it as a research item costing a massive amount of energy and tib, crystal, rp and credits and you need to be a cic to research it. Of course you can have an alliance of 50 cic's! To prevent it you can only have one weapon in an alliance. You need to destroy the weapon beyond use to move, to leave the alliance or when you are no longer cic. To destroy it you sell it but only get 1% of all the resources except energy it cost in return and requires a large amount of energy to do so. This would hopefully discourage purchase in most cases. Once a cic has fired the weapon all weapons held in the alliance are destroyed to although they can be re-purchased 30 days later, if the resources are available.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Just as interesting as my idea! You just simply adjusted the requirements. Though my idea was meant to clear a lot of space in order for the alliance to move faster. I mean has an alliance won one world then jumped to the next one that's going to open just to win it as well.
  • Speeding up the world is unlikely to be the aim of anything done to change settings or to add weapons. The faster a world, the less money is spent.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • It also possible when one speeds up the world, the rate of purchases increase. On a regular world, players purchase items to increase their 'speed' by as little as 5% in terms of acceleration. Also has an alliance won two consecutive released worlds? Even if they didn't finish one world when trying to claim the other, there should be a 75 to 90% net increase in purchases.
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