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Tiberium Alliances World Championship 2019 starts March 29th!

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Hey Commander,

You waited long for a final announcement and date on a new World Championship and we are glad to bring you all the needed details today.

World Championship World Setup
  • 5000 players
  • Fixed starting layout for the first base
  • Open only to players that completed the endgame at least once
  • Forgotten Attacks enabled, Morale-Malus disabled
  • No Repair Time Bundles for Sale
  • The WCS 2019 will launch on March 29th, 4 p.m. UTC.

World Championship Layout
This WCS – We will choose a starting layout which will be completely unknown until the server starts. We want everybody starting with the same conditions and therefore pick a proper advanced and fun layout.

World Championship Prizes
1st alliance to complete the Endgame receives:
  • 100 € worth funds package
  • A digital copy of an EA developed game of your choice
  • Custom WCS 2019 Badge

2nd alliance to complete the Endgame receives:
  • 50 € worth funds package
  • Custom WCS 2019 Badge

3rd alliance to complete the Endgame receives:
  • 30 € worth funds package
  • Custom WCS 2019 Badge
Prizes are of course granted per alliance member.

We are looking forward to a blazing competition and wish all commanders the best of luck and success. May the best alliance win!
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    Hello Commanders,

    since we have introduced a few changes affecting teamplay with Patch 19.1 and hotfix 19.1.1 I have been asked to summarize them again in one place. Therefore, here is a recollection:

    Limitations to Substitution
    To combat the use of the substitution system for the herding of multiple accounts by the same player, we see it necessary to impose some restrictions in the future.
    From now on, a player account can no longer be substituted on a world for more than half of its total lifetime on said world.
    Further, substitutions access can only be granted to others as early as 5 days after first joining a world.
    Lastly, only a period of 30 consecutive days can be substituted at a time, after that the original owner needs to re-issue a substitution request.

    Changes to Loot distribution
    As another measure against the boosting of accounts with multi-accounts we also are going to change the distribution of loot rewards for the destruction of bases.

    The resources looted by the player destroying the Construction Yards will now be based on how much the player striking the killing blow has also contributed to the destruction of the defense units. The difference in resources between that amount of loot, that the last player receives and the total value of the base is lost.

    A trigger threshold has been included in the loot distribution. If the player that destroys the Construction Yard has contributed 80% or more to the defense damage done to the base, they will receive the full amount of loot in the base now.

    Loot distribution rules only apply to the final attack on the base, any previous attack now receives the regular shares again.
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    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • EE_Elephterion
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    The WCS 2019 world will receive a immediate downtime for 7 p.m. UTC today, roughly 30 minutes from now.
    This will address the issue with upgrades on some of the buildings.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • ]We have now processed the orders of today and are preparing the necessary compensation for tomorrow for everyone who has purchased anything that was not supposed to be available in the Shop on WCS

    We thank everyone for their patience.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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