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Upgrades for hawks/verts

I find the upgrades for both firehawks and vertigos as somewhat redundant. I normally do not make use of them to let them be injured/destroyed in a battle. The upgrades simply cut their repair time in half. I propose a different set of upgrades to enable usage of both airstrike units late game where there are scrap-buses/Flak/Mammoths/Anti-Air Artillery.
The hawks and verts new abilities directly stem from C&C 3's version's abilities. The firehawk can appear on the last defensive lane to avoid front-line anti-air defenses. The verts have stealth.
The Nod upgrade is easy to explain; the vertigo is just simply stealthed, and if there is a structure in the way, it will decloak. Most defense builds have at least a structure per column, this is only useful against forgotten when the layout generates in such a way that the vertigo can go through without exposing itself.
The GDI one is more complex, it appears in the last row of the defense layout instead of it appearing way below the defense layout. It has a 5 second delay before it appears. Should it appear, it will only be vulnerable to back end defenses, making it easier to use. This can be combined with the fact that units move when they see a unit that they specialize in. So the only threat to a firehawk would be flak and anti-air artillery.
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