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Guide to efficient base digging

I wanted to create my own guide that is is partly based on OpaSmash's StartGuide and a guide than I made for my alliance in a world. My part of the guide has been partly rephrased to better suit all players, new and old alike. Basically, this guide takes OpaSmash's, and brings it to a alliance perspective instead of an individual one.

There are issues when it comes to playing together in an alliance:
1. We all live in different geographic regions, even though 70% to 90% live in the US and Europe. Sadly, I do not live in either location. These locations cause an alliance to become asynchronous, one attacks and others can't help in playing for they are either busy or asleep.
2. Not everyone goes for vertigoes (Verts)/firehawks (Hawks) at the start of the game. New players just simply research everything in the offense/defense tab. Having access to Verts/Hawks allows a player to 1 hit kill camps and outposts, and it becomes easier in terms of hunting forgotten bases.
3. Alliances are sometimes not clumped together. If one needs to dig efficiently, one needs to have their alliance next to them. This is so that when one runs out of CP while hunting bases, another player is there to finish off the mess without letting the base recover or worse, have another alliance steal the kill.

At the start of the world, an alliance needs to move to a centralized area while bringing their offense level as high as possible. I wouldn't recommend "selling units" to repair them, but I would recommend selling parts of the army to make the entire army more flexible. This is due to the fact, when I sell units, I end up wasting resources compared to when I repair them.
For a Nod army, I would recommend a mix of Venoms and Militant Missile Squads. If you want to attack a camp/base/outpost with a vehicle or two in it, sell some of the Vemons and Missile Squads for Militants (their the best early anti-vehicle a player could have if researching for Verts, just don't use them against Bowlers). GDI has it easier with Paladins, just use 1 or 2 mixed in with both Guardians and Pit-bulls.
Once an alliance has most of their members in 1 large area (no other players must be in-between them), its time for them to farm bases with their strengthened army. Their goal is to farm bases, dealing as much damage as possible without losing too much repair time. Use the right unit against the right defense building/unit. Once they have Verts/Hawks, they can start hunting bases.
Now depending if you are near Forgotten base territory, or are too far from it; you may choose to farm camps/outposts or hunt bases. Hunting bases yield more RP and resources, but seem to cost more RT than farming outposts. I would suggest the nearest players (whereas attacking said bases would require 16 to 30 CP) to start digging when they have Verts/Hawks. A guide that can be helpful is this https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/107631/nevermore-advanced-attack-tutorial#latest. That is if you can pull it off on the base, otherwise choose a different one or brute force it (Just disable your Verts/Hawks, they cost a lot of RT). The players farther from forgotten territory can farm camps/outposts to increase their army size, thus allowing them to take the place of the diggers once the run out of RP (or their army becomes too under-leveled).
All bases should be power/credits oriented after researching Verts/Hawks (You don't want to run out of power when upgrading units with the loot received from the forgotten nor do you want to lag behind in deploying your 2nd base).
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