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Mega (and chaotic) alliance

I have this idea for a world that will test the community's willingness to get to the center in unity. There was this topic that I joined recently, and it seems that the conversation is going here and there, one issue after another. It also seems that there was a heated argument until the devs decided to close it; thanks @EE_Elephterion, if the converstation got any noisier, I would probably be confused about the topic's focus - I really hate noisy situations.
With such disunity between members, I would like to propose a new world type as an experiment if players within the community are willing to work together to the fortress instead of competing against each other in groups (typical 50 member alliances).
in this world type, there is only ONE alliance, either you join that alliance or you don't. pvp is enabled within this alliance even if players hate each other. For once you can attack your ally if you don't like him. The focus is world wide cooperation to reach the center. If you are outside the alliance, pvp is disabled, you can't attack players and they can't attack you. This will truly put the intended CiC's leadership to the test as he makes everyone cooperate, or succumb to pointless anarchy, and have them perform in an orderly fashion. Some go for base hunting, others go for outpost farming.
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