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Ultimate mixed faction unit.

My idea is based upon my previous topic, https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/241297/superweapon-of-mass-destruction#latest. This one focuses on a new unit and a very long research path to obtain it.
To get this unit, one must research the base of the opposite faction, it has a credits and RP multiplier by N. The icon for researching the opposite base is an engineer of the respective side. After researching at least one base of the opposite faction, one must researched a mixed base, which has an N^2 multiplier. The unit and its research is a combination of both the Mammoth Tank and Avatar Warmech. It has its own multiplier, and its multiplier is the product of the cost of both said 3rd teir units, both in terms of credits and RP (same can be said for its upgrade).
This unit is called the King-Kong tank. Its basically a mammoth tank with is turret replaced with the upper torso of the avatar warmech. It lives up to its name, due to the fact it can tear scrapbuses, scoopers and mammoths with ease. It regains health from attacking vehicles and structures. It is primarily a anti-vehicle but can thread through anti-tank barriers with ease. Its only weakness is infantry. And you need lots of them. 1 of these can be successfully taken down by rocketfists, zone troopers and black hands., that is if you have 4 of such squads.
It is also massive in size, where one would require 30 CP and at least 4 tiles of unit space (It is large as 4 units) to field one (only on a mixed base setup). Its cost in upgrading is basically twice the requirement for either mammoth or avatar (which ever is more expensive to level up). It is very slow, with the same speed as regular infantry, making artillery that are out of its way a viable option.
The N value is up to the developers to decide. It could be 2 times, 4 times or even 10 times if they want to.
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