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New Alien language

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kOeGy wrote: »
Hello ppl who dont have skill!

Surprise surprise, i didnt play tib 37.. Rolsei played my account and he is well known for "pvp? Nahh, give me good outposts" ;)

@Envision: Take note. From what your rules says ....

"We do not allow Account Sharing. Multiple people using the same account is not allowed. Should you give your login details to a fellow player, we will not undo anything the aforementioned player may do or cause, including but not limited to: Suspension/Ban due to actions carried out by said player"

This must be in some kind of Alien Language because EA doesn't see it as breaking their own rules, haha


  • reinemachfrau
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    edited March 2019

    but EA is not here in this forum, dude ... it was already told how this works. you dont need to spam this more and more.
    beside this, it could be also be played with sub ;-)
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