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Auto upgrade script after collection

Is it possible to create an auto-upgrade script that upgrades a resource structure once it has its resource package collected? Also is it even legal to use? I mean if there's a auto-collect script with it, it would violate the TOS. I thought of the script which would work like this, and if it senses an auto-collect script, it will disable itself.


  • gamerdruid
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    There are scripts that do each one, auto collect and auto upgrade. If they are both running it would be the same as having them in the same effect. The legality I won't comment upon!
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  • I only use the auto collect so I would't bother collecting it while I'm online. I normally do not leave the game for more than 5 minutes while its running. That is except when I take a bath. Though it would seem that I am so fast that I don't take 5 minutes. I prefer upgrading buildings in a specific way. Lets say I'm playing Nod, I start out normal and follow the objectives then I bring the CY to lvl 8 then the CC to lvl 10. During the time I'm bringing the CY to lvl 8, I usually have the production buildings at lvl 4 to 5. Then I raise said buildings to lvl 6 to 7 when focusing on the CY.
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