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can EA change the 4 HUBs rule to enable fort attack ?

in an old servers ( more than 5 years old or longer ) server will be come so dead with limited players still playing , even if all come together in one alliance they need 32 accounts minimum to start fort countdown with HUBs each = 8 accounts as you all know , can the rule in thous old world's be changed for 3 HUBs =24 accounts or less ? , so thous players left can keep attacking the fort thus keeping that world alive ?


  • gamerdruid
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    They have changed the rule on the PTE so technically it may be possible (The PTE is a special setup so may have more adjustments available than regular worlds, especially older ones from 5 or even 3 years ago.) It is really a question of how desirable in their view and how it fits within their overall development plans.
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