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Blocking spam email

Seen a lot of mass spam recently with no way to stop it. We could really do with a facility to block emails from individuals. The 'ignore' option in chat doesn't seem to work for emails.



  • gamerdruid
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    This is a much requested option. There is an ignore option within Origin that I spotted recently, I don't know if that would work in-game.
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  • I'll give it a try.
  • When it comes to spam blocking, I would suggest either of two options. A filter tag that filters all your messages and a delete all tag. Once you found all the spam messages associated with one player, you can delete them all. Another option is a blacklist tag, which automatically deletes messages from other players that the person blacklisted. The 2nd option makes spammers powerless as he can be blacklisted by all his clients without him noticing.
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