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Multiple FB attacks against same base within minutes

What's going on with multiple FB attacks against the same base within minutes of each other? My base #2 (Lvl 40) was hit by 3 successive Lvl 35 Forgotten attacks at 12:04, 12:06, and 12:08. It was then hit by 3 successive Lvl 46 Forgotten attacks 2 hours later at 14:40, 14:42, and 14:45. This was followed by 3 more Lvl 32 Forgotten attacks at 15:59, 16:01, and 16:04. This is ridiculous. My D level is 39 for this base and it takes over 16 hours for it to recover from being nearly destroyed by 3 successive Lvl 46 attacks. This is a ridiculous frequency against my base!! And, yes, there is exactly 1 Lvl 45 Camp within 10 spaces of my base. There are no other Camps higher than Lvl 38 and no FB bases higher than Lvl 35.


  • gamerdruid
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    It looks like you're in a 3 wave area. The number of bases is the important factor in how many attacks take place, not their level. Camps appear and disappear over time. The co-ords of the attacking camp(s) tell you where they were when they attacked.
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  • @Zobra74, what does your defense layout look like? Can you send me a link of your denfese in Cncopt without using the link tag? HAve you tried reading this topic: https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/108864/the-ultimate-guide-to-forgotten-attacks-v0-5#latest
  • unless something changed that I've missed if your playing FA world then you can in theory be hit 2x per hour by the forgotten in worst case. That doesnt mean only 2 attacks but if you are in range of say 50 forgotten bases you could get hit by a total of 2x5 wave attacks so 10 attacks in an hour. I see nothing in the original post thats unusual or not to be expected. Suggest he investigates the use of a 3rd party script such as Wavy so he can easily see how many bases he is within range of.
  • tib 37, same problem, 1 wave, 3 bases , fb attacked, 2nd after 5 hours, then 1 hour, 1 hour, 20 minutes then my base was dead , a few days ago, not normal for 1 wave with only 3 bases close
  • Soixie
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    Raise your defense level and find a more efficient defensive combination.
  • soixie, this is not about def, it is about fb doing a lot more attacks than expected, in my case in 1 wave with only 3 bases, they all attacked at a higher frequency than normal. In 2 wave area you can expect attacks around every 2 hours, in 1 wave with only 3 fb, 1 attack +/- 6 hours - 12 hours
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