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Retcon Tiberium Twilight and Create New Sequel CNC set after Kanes Wrath Ending

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We can all just pretend CNC4 never happened, and you can make a proper new continuation to CNC3 and Kane's Wrath. If i recall correctly Kane had a Scrin threshold tower under his control (giving him access to interstellar transportation capabilities) as well as the Tacitus back and integrated into his AI 'Legion' (possibly giving him access to the full knowledge contained within the advanced alien lexicon). The Scrin were intent on launching a full scale invasion against the Earth (and Kane) after their aborted harvesting operation and GDI was pretty chuffed having 'won' the third tiberium war against Nod and then going on to defeat an alien invasion. The Earth was also divided up into the different coloured zones based on tiberium infestation levels (red, yellow and blue) with more and more of the Earth being covered in tiberium with the passage of time. Based off this situation you could go a lot of places story wise, For example you could take the conflict interstellar within our galaxy as the earth becomes increasingly inhospitable, with both parties searching for a new homeworld or something and also fighting the Scrin out on tiberium infested alien planets instead of just the Earth. Game play wise it shouldn't be too different from CNC3 (think Starcraft 1 to Starcraft 2 in terms of acceptable levels of changes for a sequel in an existing franchise). I have been liking the choice and consequence features being added to more and more RTS games, like whether to use the tiberium bomb at the end of the GDI campaign, more of that would be cool. Questions you should answer definitively or ambiguously are ones like 'Who is Kane?', 'Who made the tacitus and why? What's in it?', 'What is tiberium?', 'What is Kane's relationship with the Scrin? How did they know about him already?' and so on and so forth. Also you gotta get back the Kane actor and a decent cast of actors again for some good ol' fashioned CNC live action cut scenes XD. Good luck Commander!


  • Shouldn't this be at "Tiberian Series"? I know C&C4 is bad due to the fact the developement was rushed. Somewhat like 2 fortress wins one after another by the same alliance. Each lasting by 4 months and one only starts after another has finished. Its ideas and units are quite nice. I just wished the game itself was more polished.
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