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Tiberium on Koprulu sector

I made a similar topic to this, but I forgot which account posted it. It was either this or my soon to be deleted(and all topics removed) account, Mirroredhunter. The reason why I could not find it might be because I started the original topic as Mirroredhunter.
I thought of introducing Tiiberium to the Koprulu sector. What I thought before might happen is that tiberium will infect both Protoss and Zerg. There should be a lot of casualty across the very sector. That is I forgot one thing, Protoss are resistant to infections and Zerg are adaptive. The only losers of this 'alien' invasion are the Terrans, the Protoss will start a quarantine and the Zerg will adapt to this alien substance, giving them more ranged attack options, kind of like how Scrin and/or Tiberian Fiends developed.
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