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[COMPLETED] Tiberian 38 Patch 19.1.1 maintenance on 20th March

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Hello Community,

this Wednesday we are going to apply the latest hotfix to the most recent world, Tiberian 38. This will address some issue with Patch 19.1 and the loot distribution. Since we are only going to patch one world the downtime should be short. We will bring the world offline between 07:00 - 09:00 UTC, apply the update and bring it online again.

Tiberian 38 is currently the only world with the loot and substitution changes active, therefore this Hotfix is not deployed to the other worlds just yet.

Changes are as follows:
  • A trigger threshold has been introduced to the loot distribution. If the player that destroys the Construction Yard has contributed 80% or more to the total damage done to the base, they will receive the full amount of loot in the base now.
  • Loot distribution rules only apply to the final attack on the base, any previous attack now receives the regular shares again.

We hope this addresses some of the bigger points of concern with the last update and think it provides a good base for the coming WCS.
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    Due to some unforseen complications with the update we are pushing back the update to next week and will continue with version 19.1 until then. We will announce the new maintenance date ahead of time.

    We are currently encountering some more issues with the world start so might be forced extend the window of the maintenance for another hour.

    We apologize for the inconvenience but we completed the maintenance with 19.1.1 successfully now.
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