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New offense-defense interaction: Plants vs zombies zom-botany style.

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I think this idea should go to both off-topic and suggestions, if it was possible to attach each topic to 1 or more categories (like suggestions, general discussion, tiberian series etc.)
I thought of an idea involving a new world style where both offense and defense units can only attack what's directly in-front of them. They still have the same range, can move sideways, its just that they can't attack on other areas rather than what's in-front of them. Take for example an incoming fire-hawk on the 1st column, a forgotten mammoth on the 2nd column and a scrap-bus on the 3rd column. Neither the mammoth nor the scrap-bus can attack the fire-hawk in this world setting if both the mammoth and the scrap-bus are on the same row.
This world configuration looks very similar to how plants vs zombies work, all one has to do is tilt either window by 90 to have them very identical. That is, in Tiberium Alliances, units have a range, in PvZ they don't. What mirrors Tiberium alliances the most in this particular setup is zom-botany in Plants versus zombies. You have all the units, some capable of attack forward (which ever direction they're facing), but in TA's case, units have a range.
With this setup it can either become extremely easy or tormentingly difficult at attacking and defending bases. If you could avoid units, then one can slip a vert/hawk past all the defenses and strike the construction yard real easy. Also there will be no more annoying missile squads/pit-bulls that go for a harvester instead of your main prize.
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