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WCS START 14 o clock?!?!?!?!



  • give details what we can use from our purchase ???????
  • that 20 k bundel from that what can we use my cp back to 100 my rt time back to 12 hr ??? whats going on y remove those ??? those r what going to top up while we away how is it fair to remove those
  • Anything that was carried over, such as Resource Crates or CP token. Capacities and Bundle contents will be refunded on the next occasion on Monday. For that, I ask for the screenshots of the Origin receipts.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • why did you guys remove capacities ? they fill up over time in days n we can buy them anytime now also then y did u guys remove it ?
  • y do you want recipt of payment ? dont you guys have logs who all got affected ?
  • or purchased
  • We will take care of the refunds on Monday, with or without the receipts, its just to make sure you have them.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • yes i do have them like i said this account is obsolete for me thus this account not on WCS 2019 thats y u cannot c any purchase on it
  • anyway what ill do is on you but if you give refund give ta funds back coz i need to buy those things now monday too late this game is alll about ranking
  • I am so glad I did not bother joining this WC Server

    What a Hash up It beggars belief.
    How more INAPT can This Organisation Get

    Come on Its time you got your act together not just on WC Server but the Game in General

    over the Years the Same Problems have been Pointed Out by players, Example Balance between GDI and NOD but NOTHING has been Done

    is It not Time Inst ed of Platitudes EV or EA Started paying Attention to there CUSTOMERS

    But the Biggest Failure is for all the Threats of Court Action NO ONE DOES IT, and EA/EV know its all Huff and Puff
  • they will know its real soon just spoke to my lawyer he is getting the correct people to file a case against cant sue ea amarica when its a different branch you have to take matter to correct offenders in this case its :-
    Envision Entertainment GmbH
    Binger Str. 38
    55218 Ingelheim
  • fraud case will be taken out in there names Dirk Ringe, Volker Wertich
  • these basterds will pay dearly
  • gamerdruid
    4934 posts Moderator
    A reminder - we do not discuss pending or proceeding court cases on these forums so future posts by those intending to go down that route should be carefully considered!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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