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Disadvantaged by NOT being a member of an Alliance

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Recently I have noticed with increased frustration the total destruction of my bases by Forgotten Camps Level 53. I am a stand alone player with no affiliation to any Alliance other than my own and I have been attacked more often now.

The impression I am getting is 'spend money with EA Games to top up 'Supplies' to overcome this (fraudulent) disadvantage by the (preprogrammed) Forgotten Camps'

If, as I suspect, like the pokie machines in casinos EA are only in it for maximum returns of user pays, and therefore I would like to know how to close my games COMPLETELY before closing my account


  • gamerdruid
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    If you are in an area of level 53 camps, you will need a level 50 defence plus some high resonator POI's to be able to defend successfully against the forgotten. Do you meet those criteria? If not, it is no surprise you are being killed, and purchase of supplies will not assist against this.
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