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hello GD i had an idea after clicking on the arsenal in base mode and noted that i could enter the value of CY and support weapon, then dissappointed when i couldnt enter the level of bases around me to see what effect my support weapon would have on them. could we see a similar kind of box for imput values. thank you game druid


  • gamerdruid
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    I don't understand. Also, as a player and not a developer I have no control over the arsenal feature.
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  • Soixie
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    No GD clue here either. Some hacking script maybe. I know All-In-One allows you to change base level to test influence, but nothing described above is currently available that I'm aware of.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    I do believe the values per support weapon are clamped to what the arsenal tells you for the given levels.

    So, Attack with an level equal or lower to your Support Weapon(s) will get damaged with the same efficiency. (Max threshold)
    Attackers with 2 or more level above the level of the Support(s) will be punished with the same efficiency. (Min threshold)

    Thats why there is no selection for Attacker Level in the arsenal.
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