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When I go to edit my information, It ask me to submit a verification code. I don't have a verification code to submit, if I click on resend my security code link, It says ! Too many attempts, retry in a few minutes and then says check your email your verification code was sent to my email address, When I go to my email address there is no verification code there. Any thing I try to do, it keeps going to the verify your Identity part.
What can I do to get a new code or security question to fix this.


  • EE_Elephterion
    1319 posts Envision Developer
    Have you tried looking in the spam filter? Sometimes mails get filtered out.
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  • gamerdruid
    3053 posts Moderator
    The 'too many attempts' clears after a short time.

    If the emails are forwarded, check the first destination. A lot of my test accounts have things forwarded (saves having to log into multiple mail destinations) and sometimes the security mails are not forwarded. Also, once you've managed to get in, set you cell phone (mobile phone) as a two factor authentication method. This can save having to check emails.
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