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PTE Patchnotes 19.2 & PTE Patch Maintenance 18. April

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Hello Commanders,

we are ready to deploy the next patch to our Public Test Environment. We are planning to patch the PTE on April 18th, 2019; starting around 12:00 UTC. We will take the world offline, apply the update and bring the world back online. This maintenance will include a reset of the world and player progress on PTE to wipe the slate clean for testing the changes. The next PTE Iteration will start with regular world settings.

What changes will 19.2 bring? Well, you can find a list below. We hope you give every change a thorough check-up.

• Combat Report windows now have a new default size that should make scrolling down superfluous in most cases
• Founding new bases next to the Forgotten Fortress should not be possible anymore
• The home marker should now correctly point to the last base you visited
• Offense units now always need to have their associated repair time building present in the base or they will be deactivated
• Defense units that violate their technology requirements and are deactivated should now be displayed as such properly
• CiCs that had earned medals previously now should be listed in alliance info again
• An error was fixed that made the alliance window inaccessible under specific circumstances
• Fixed a bug that caused an anomaly with time display around midnight
• The highlight in the base shortlist for selected entries has been made more visible
• Windows size for the Base Info window has been increased, scrolling down to rename bases should not be necessary anymore
• An error was fixed that caused problems when flipping through base lists that had ghosted bases in them
• The default scaling of the columns in the alliance roster has been adjusted
• Missing Forgotten defense units have been added to the Arsenal
• An ambiguity in the Spanish translation for the Collect Package button has been changed to a less misleading phrasing, thx @nefrontheone
• The check for the ingame mail recipient should be working again now
• An error has been fixed with the Ranking list marking the wrong entry upon selection
• The context menu for chat should now be displayed again at the right position

Known Issues
• Hotkeys on Firefox are currently not working, we are investigating this and will try to enable them ASAP, this also affects the Chat context menu. This issue was not observed on other browsers, however.
• Currently, level 1 defense units will be displayed as disabled for players of the opposite faction when spectating a base, even if all requirements are met and the units will be active during combat. This is a visual bug and does only affect level 1 units.
• There is also a visual bug with the Base shortlist not displaying the button background, this is going to be addressed shortly.
• The Support Summary in the defense view is currently listing anti-vehicle supports as anti-infantry and vice versa.

Added Features
• The Defense view of your base now gives you an summary over Support weapons trained at that base and their incoming damage. Moving your mouse over the icons in the summary gives you a list of the individual support weapons and their level.
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  • nefrontheone
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    TX !!
    It would also be great if you can indicate the things you want to solve in the next update.
    We managed it through JIRA.
    - That could help those who detect failures to know if they are already reported or not. -
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    I've updated the Notes section with a new Feature for the game that was missing.
    I have also updated the wording to avoid confusion about the reset of the PTE.
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