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Loot distribution 80% Threshold - possibility to see the damage dealt

As pr 19.1.1 this function was added:

A trigger threshold has been introduced to the loot distribution. If the player that destroys the Construction Yard has contributed 80% or more to the total damage done to the base, they will receive the full amount of loot in the base now.

This rule is fine to stop those using alts to take the low payout attacks to bases, but it makes helping eachother out as teammates harder.
A nice addition would be that your % of dealt damage was visible to us on the attackscreen of the base.

If then my % dips below 80% I know I need to do more attacks to get above 80% again.

As a NOD player it is nice to get some GDI help (especially in the beginning), and for GDI getting a NOD to take a hit to the DF is nice too. But not if it cost you half of the resources :)



  • EE_Elephterion
    1220 posts Envision Developer
    edited April 24
    This is something we have already< debated internally.
    Obviously we don't want to compromise our changes and reinforce multi accounting by providing too much information that allows certain players to tiptoe at the line of our implemented changes.

    However we also see how a little less obfuscation will improve teamplay.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Yes I think some middle ground would be good... It becomes kind of an ego mentality when attacking bases for some people who don't understand that 20% actually is a couple of hits on a high lvl base.
    set the warning at 15% then and don't display the 20% exactly... Or just say that it is somewhere between 10-30% ... At least some kind of hint. Some people let a base that have been farmed with 1 or 2 hits repair to 100% before wanting to attack it to kill it.

    If people want to use weak alts to gain 15% they almost deserve the hassle... ;)

    BTW. How is the dealt damage calculated? is it % of all dealt damage? So if someone have been farming it with 20 hits for a week is that included in the dealt damage? or is that counter reset when the base is at 100% ?
    And is it 80% of the total dealt damage before repair, or the resulting damage after the <70% repair (depending on the DF level)?

    Thx again
  • EE_Elephterion
    1220 posts Envision Developer
    Damage contributed accumulates throughout the attacks, but if a base repairs to 100% this is reset completely.

    Right now we plan to include a warning into the combat sim, just like in the combat reports.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Nice.

    And one final thing I thought of... Is it pr base, or pr player? If I take a base 50% with my Base 1 & the kill with my Base 2, do I still get full value?
  • Damage is tracked per player, so you can't reduce your own loot rewards for yourself with attacks from different bases.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • I was hoping that was the case. Perfect :)
    And thx again!

  • Gryxlo
    17 posts Member
    > @EE_Elephterion said:
    > Damage is tracked per player, so you can't reduce your own loot rewards for yourself with attacks from different bases.

    This change has ruined the game for me, playing this game for years now and spent a lot of money on it, but the fun has gone from the dig with this. All done for the sake of a few players...I will not be part of a gaming community where changes are made for the benefit of a few at a cost to everyone else, I play games to get away from that kind of thing.
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