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[COMPLETED] Patch Notes 19.2 & Maintenance 07th also completed (Hotfix 16th May)

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Hello Commanders,

We are ready to roll out the next update! We will be patching the first set of worlds on May 07th. The rest of the worlds follow the week after and will be patched from 14th - 15th May 2019.

We will start to bring down the affected worlds around 07:00 UTC and apply the patch, then we will bring them back online. The entire process will continue until all selected worlds are patched, around 15:00 UTC.
The game worlds will be inaccessible during that time and the progression of the game world will be halted; we are sorry for the inconvenience. Average time for a world to return online will be around 1 hour if no problem arises.

Below are a list of changes and the selected list for the first round of worlds to be patched. For the schedule of the remaining worlds, see the dedicated announcement HERE.

We hope to see you on the battlefield!

• Combat Report windows now have a new default size that should make scrolling down superfluous in most cases
• Founding new bases next to the Forgotten Fortress should not be possible anymore
• The home marker should now correctly point to the last base you visited
• Offense units now always need to have their associated repair time building present in the base or they will be deactivated
• Defense units that violate their technology requirements and are deactivated should now be displayed as such properly
• CiCs that had earned medals previously now should be listed in alliance info again
• An error was fixed that made the alliance window inaccessible under specific circumstances
• Fixed a bug that caused an anomaly with time display around midnight
• The highlight in the base shortlist for selected entries has been made more visible
• Windows size for the Base Info window has been increased, scrolling down to rename bases should not be necessary anymore
• An error was fixed that caused problems when flipping through base lists that had ghosted bases in them
• The default scaling of the columns in the alliance roster has been adjusted
• Missing Forgotten defense units have been added to the Arsenal
• An ambiguity in the Spanish translation for the Collect Package button has been changed to a less misleading phrasing, thx @nefrontheone
• The check for the in-game mail recipient should be working again now
• An error has been fixed with the Ranking list marking the wrong entry upon selection
• The context menu for chat should now be displayed again at the right position

Added Features
• The Defense view of your base now gives you a summary over Support weapons targeted at the currently viewed base. Moving your mouse over the icons in the summary gives you a list of the individual support weapons and their level.

Known Issues
• Hotkeys on Firefox are currently not working, we are investigating this and will try to enable them ASAP, this also affects the Chat context menu. This issue was not observed on other browsers, however.
• If the base of a support weapon is destroyed, it may still be displayed in the Support Summary in the defense screen of the base it was originally targeting.

19.2 Rollout 07. 05. 2019
World 3
World 6 (Europe)
World 10 (Europe)
World 15 (Europe)
World 18 (Europe)
World 19 (USA West Coast)
World 1 Spanish
World 1 Turkish
World 2 Turkish
World 27 (Europe)
World 31 (USA West Coast)
Welt 9
World 3 Brazilian
World 4 Spanish
World 1 Slovak
World 6 Russian
World 7 Russian
World 51 (USA West Coast)
World 57 (Europe)
World 59 (USA West Coast)
World 10 Russian
World 11 Russian
World 63 (Europe)
World 64 (USA East Coast)
World 67 (USA East Coast)
World 10 French
World 12 Spanish
World 73 (USA West Coast)
World 74 (USA East Coast)
World 11 French
World 77 (USA East Coast)
World 78 (Europe)
World 81 (Europe)
World 2 Hungarian
World 82 (Europe)
World 15 Spanish
Welt 34
World 18 Russian
World Championship
World 16 Spanish
World 90 (USA West Coast)
World 91 (Europe)
World 4 Italian
World 92 (USA West Coast)
World 17 Spanish
World 2 Romanian
World 2 Slovak
World 97 (Europe)
Welt 36
World 18 Spanish
World 99 (USA East Coast)
World 100
Welt 37
World 13 Brazilian
World 7 Turkish
World 2 Norwegian
World 108 Classic (USA West Coast)
World 110 Wrath 1 (Americas)
World 111 Firestorm 1 (Asia Pacific)
Firestorm 3 (Asia Pacific)
Tiberian 7 (Europe)
Wrath 4 (Americas)
Tiberian 8 (Europe)
Firestorm 5 (Asia Pacific)
Wrath 14 (Americas)
Wrath 16
Tiberian 26
Tiberian 27
Veteran World 4
Wrath 20
Tiberian 31
Firestorm 9
Veteran World 6
Firestorm 11

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  • EE_Elephterion
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    We will be applying a hotfix to the worlds of the first rollout of 19.2 on Thursday, May 17th.
    This will happen just like the first deployment, from 07:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC.
    The other worlds will receive that Hotfix during their scheduled maintenance Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • EE_Elephterion
    1668 posts Envision Developer
    Alright, all worlds are back online after the hotfix deployment. If you notice any issues please let us know.
    See you on the battlefield, Commanders!
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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