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Newest Firefox - Greasemonkey

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Firefox, in its infinite wisdom, seems to have blown up Greasemonkey in it. Anyone come up with a workaround at this point?

If there is another topic on this already hit me up I'll move mine there. I searched and could not find anything current.


  • mckeeme
    2 posts New member
    greasemonkey and theme is disabled for me. Also I can't download other alternatives. Says internet unavilable...
  • methuselah
    368 posts Senior Moderator
    Mine is disabled as well and there appears to be no way to enable while accepting whatever risk it is they think they are protecting us from.
  • nefrontheone
    328 posts Member
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  • gamerdruid
    2783 posts Moderator
    There is a fix being rolled out now - Mozilla identified the problem and are correcting it. They say to NOT delete or change anything and fix will automatically happen.
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  • BambiByte
    100 posts Member
    edited May 6
    Players who use Firefox have to check if this setting is on - to have the automatic fix about disabled addons. After a short time, the temporary fix will disable the problematic - Certificate validation - function. They work on a final fix...
  • methuselah
    368 posts Senior Moderator
    Looks like they fixed it, mine is back to normal without my having to do a thing. Don't you just love updates like this?
  • BambiByte
    100 posts Member
    edited May 7
    Where it is fixed without any intervention, "installing and running studies" was enabled in settings.
    - I am not sure about the future of addons in Firefox, but they are said to be disabled soon. So, we could try now what it will be like later.
  • BambiByte
    100 posts Member
    Ver. 66.0.5 of Firefox has fixed the problem...
  • laserbeak-10
    33 posts Member
    edited July 20
    Tampermonkey is so much better —they have a working Import feature [unlike Greasemonkey] & a ton of customization options —let's face it, Greasemonkey is ancient & archaic. My FF got wiped out & I couldn't Import through Greasemonkey from Opera (where I also use TM), so I was forced to switch… Also I use Stylus instead of Stylish, which was rocked by many privacy breaches; so far so good. I used to be a Greasemonkey\ Stylish fan too, but they haven't updated or delivered anything new… I use Firefox [Quantum] Developer Edition.
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