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Landed in the wrong sector.

6 posts New member

I was planning to move my bases to the North.
I selected the North it was red.

But i landed in South.

Can you correct that?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



  • pinballrider
    6 posts New member
    It happened on World 39
  • gamerdruid
    2847 posts Moderator
    edited May 4
    If it is red it means you cannot jump to that sector. Usually it is because you are very close to the edge of the sector or are already in the sector.

    No-one will correct your move. You will need to wait the required number of days (depending on when you last jumped). You will keep incurring a penalty of moving towards the edge each time you jump.
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  • pinballrider
    6 posts New member
    I understand that. Ty. But it is not fair imho.
  • pinballrider
    6 posts New member
    Now i spend a lot of money on W39, i want to move to tho the asap. You made so many rules it's
    almost impossible to understand them all. I had to move today else my bases would be killed.

    Sorry, am i just a money spender to you. Plz. make it happen i only want to be in the North.
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