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Been trying to stay calm but i have been offline for hours now and the links will not load so i spent all this money on this world so i can loose hours i can never get back. All ea does is mess up the game more an more trying to find ways to make more money. Took away the teamplay what 90% of players play for because your too lazy to ban same pc usage and stop multi accounts. Never any compensation for the players to suffer instead you give them to everybody so the players that suffered still suffer but worse than before because they lost hours they could of spent building up. I can go on and on but you know what the problem is with this game you know how to fix the game so stop with all this were going to make the game better and actually work on the problems at hand before adding a new path. Not to mention test world is a joke. Just sell armys keep farming no actual testing. I can go on and on but i read the terms of service i electronically signed and ea is not meeting the terms i signed. Not everybody is dumb. Some players read!


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