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Scanning bases for new layouts

Have had problems recently with scanning bases in search of a new base for a layout. I'm using SoO package, but can't seem to figure out which items to "check". Used to be able to click "scan" and it would bring up all bases (within range) on a pop up screen, showing the layout and number of cry/tib on the base. Any suggestions on how to get this back?


  • Hi. You should use Maelstrom ADDON Basescanner Basic 1.9.0

    Personally i suggest you to use Shockr - Tiberium Alliances Tools - BaseScanner MailVersion- reMod 1.2

    you will find scan button on upper bar and result will be send to you by ingame message.
    (This is a reMod that improves the algorithm).
  • Thanks for the reply, I used to have a scanner that showed the actual layouts (number of tib/cry and their positions). I've tried the above and the ingame message doesn't show any of the above (unless i'm doing something wrong!! ) Thanks for any additional replies.
  • o0netquik0o
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    Hi. After clicking "SCAN" on upper bar, you will see numbers counting till finishing bases around your selected base. Once finished you will get a message like that in attachment. Is coded but actually very interesting. It filters out not valuable layouts so you will have less than usual results.


    first layout of the results
  • Thanks again for reply. What i used to get is the picture (like just above), showing ALL bases in range. This was much more useful because I could decide what layouts I liked. I've used the "scan" as you've suggested above, but the suggested base layouts where crap. Any idea of how to get that scanning system back? Thanks for help!
  • BambiByte
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    Crucial pack all in one - contains the wanted base scanner (Overview version)
    Before you install it, remove all your existing scripts.
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