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Tiberium 35 Clarification on changes with the new patch v19.2

Hi guys (EA),

Can you clarify what the statement below means exactly:

• Defense units that violate their technology requirements and are deactivated should now be displayed as such properly

If I understand correctly, the DF must now be present for the defence units to be activated. Could you be clearer on what 'violate their technology' means please?



  • gamerdruid
    5022 posts Moderator
    If you have a DefHQ at level 40 but units higher (maybe because you sold the DefHQ and replaced it with a lower level building) then the units above the level of the DefHQ will be disabled and show as such. They will not be available to defend the base.
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  • Thank you very much. All clear now. Thanks. I will pass on to my alliance members.
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