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Can't Move or Upgrade Buildings



  • EE_Elephterion
    1275 posts Envision Developer
    Thanks everyone for their help. This is a very elusive bug, I have not yet been able to reproduce it.

    Units in the top row of the defense view are not affected either?
    If you hover over the buildings in the base view, are you still seeing the unit tooltip?
    Are there any other browser addons active, other than user scripts for the game, and unrelated to CCTA?

    Can you send me screenshot of one of your affected bases via Direct Message here on the forum, complete with scripts/overlays? That would be helpful.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • geza25973
    47 posts Member
    edited May 22
    Hi, the defence is not effected at all, when i hover over the building, i am still seeing the tooltip, the upgrade arrow and move cursor appears, sometimes you can move the building fine the 1st time, then trying to move it back, or any other building on top row afterwards, it does not allow you to do so, or with very very bad lag. I use google translate, lightshot, new tab direct and mcafee anti virus add ons, but i have always had these, for years. All of my bases are effected every single one.
  • Hi geza I have the same problem as you I have also noticed that once I move a box that appears on the left top of the base screen stating support calibrated and it shows 3 icons of the support weapons this goes as soon as lock down disappears and then things return to normal. I have nothing in my scripts showing these and they only appeared after the patch, it also does not represent the amount of support on my base
  • Hi Rivers, i have not noticed that one yet, i shall keep an eye out on it, thanks for pointing that out.
  • Just checked, that box only shows when the base is in move lock down, and not in other bases that are not in move lock down as you say. Am guessing that calibration box is the problem, good spot :smile:
  • Any further development, in finding the issue?
  • Gusuke
    2 posts New member
    "Mundo 2 Portugues" and "Mundo 11 Brazil" works well.

    But in "Mundo 10 Brazi" and "Mundo 8 Brazil" i can't upgrade, move or grab packages...

    After some time i get disconnect window and ALL changes are lost.
    Even without any script.
  • Gusuke
    2 posts New member
    in chrome console after offline window:
    (unknown) 257022 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: Timeout: transport 73533-0
    (unknown) 257024 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: 100100ms > 100000ms
    (unknown) 257024 qx.io.remote.Exchange[73533-0]: Timeout: implementation 73534-0, Presentation/Service.svc/ajaxEndpoint/UpgradeBuildingMultiLevel [POST],
    (unknown) 257494 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: Timeout: transport 73536-0
    (unknown) 257494 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: 100451ms > 100000ms
    (unknown) 257494 qx.io.remote.Exchange[73536-0]: Timeout: implementation 73537-0, Presentation/Service.svc/ajaxEndpoint/Poll [POST],
    (unknown) 271458 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: Timeout: transport 73783-0
    (unknown) 271458 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: 100234ms > 100000ms
    (unknown) 271458 qx.io.remote.Exchange[73783-0]: Timeout: implementation 73784-0, Presentation/Service.svc/ajaxEndpoint/CollectAllResources [POST],
    (unknown) 272483 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: Timeout: transport 73794-0
    (unknown) 272483 qx.io.remote.RequestQueue[136-0]: 100126ms > 100000ms
    (unknown) 272483 qx.io.remote.Exchange[73794-0]: Timeout: implementation 73795-0, Presentation/Service.svc/ajaxEndpoint/CollectAllResources [POST],
  • gamerdruid
    2938 posts Moderator
    edited May 25
    I've been able to reproduce the problem on both a production world and on the PTE (with cheat scripts turned off).

    After a move the support weapons targeted on the base, or lack of, is displayed in the base view top left corner.

    If I try to upgrade or move or otherwise select the a building on the top row I can't when I'm at my normal viewing size.

    If I zoom in slightly and try the same, it all works.

    It was suggested that the new support weapons display may be the culprit here. Although it only displays a small amount in the top left, it could be in a translucent window that reaches over the top row buildings and that would explain the inability to select those buildings. When zoomed in this changes as it seems the support weapon bar doesn't zoom in at the same rate.

    As a work-around until they fix this I suggest zooming in a little to do the upgrades or movement of buildings on the top row of a base.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Many thanks @gamerdruid the work around works, hope they can put a fix on it soon, now we know what the problem is :smile:
  • EE_Elephterion
    1275 posts Envision Developer
    Thanks for your efforts, its much appreciated? May I ask on what window/screen resolutions you run the game in your browser and on what device? At any rate we will have to patch the game to fix the display of the support summary in base view, that should fix that problem as well. It may take a while until the next patch is ready however.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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