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How to transport a team in Paladin and Guardian

I don't know how to transport a team in Paladin and Guardian. Thank you for answer.


  • gamerdruid
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    If the paladin or guardian have been upgraded to enable carrying, then you click on an infantry unit and as you move it, the paladin or guardians will show an arrow indicating that they can be carried - move to the carry unit and drop the infantry there. You will then get a small image in an upper corner to indicate that a unit is being carried. Some infantry, such as snipers, can't be carried by paladins.

    To remove a unit from a carry unit, click on the carry unit to select it and then careful click and move on the carried unit.
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  • EE_Elephterion
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    You need to unlock the Transport Ability for the Units in your Research window first. After that, you can select an Infantry unit that you have fielded in your Attack loadout and place it onto a Transporter unit. A transporter can only carry one unit at a time, and you have to unload a unit to swap them out.

    Aircraft transport can only carry lighter infantry, that are the Rifle or Rocket troops. Ground transport can carry all of the infantry units.
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