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Connection issues May 2019


  • MrGiggles666
    3 posts New member
    World 45. Can't collect packages with collect all. Can't collect using individual base collect button. Can't attack forgotten. Can't simulate attacks. Within minutes, I get disconnected from server. "CMD: CollectPackagesResult failed with error: -1" is the error code when collecting resources.
  • sirio3mil
    1 posts New member
    World 15 Spain same problem, cant collect resources in bulk and if you do manually one by one is useless, after refresh nothing happens
  • arkonbuck
    1 posts New member
    monde 7 francophone , idem se déconnecte toujours
  • Quisty57
    posts New member
    Not true. Is this "fake news?" World 47 is unplayable. Please fix as I want to spend a lot of money buying TA funds. (I note World 86 had same issue a few hours ago but now is working okay).
  • I can log in but can't collect resources at all even tried collecting each item will not work. Can't play at all and while waiting to see if anything at changes the screen blurs and it says you were disconnected. Tried several different browsers with the same result
  • Definitely having problems with multiple worlds :|
  • baddoght69
    posts New member
    Topic for support,

    Since this morning, I have been unable to play Tiberium Alliances on World 38.

    I am able to login and see the map but cannot access any camp view or collect any resources. I attempted to send a global chat which indicated that the chat happened tomorrow.

    Tomorrow 06:41:17pm [baddoght69]: ...
    Tomorrow 06:41:17pm [baddoght69]: test

    Can someone please take a look at the server, maybe give it a kick?

    I have cleared my cookies and deleted browser history (Chrome) as well as having tried a different browser (Firefox).

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • JCXer
    14 posts Member
    There is a bug that appeared today (after the recent server maintenance) where the higher your rank is, the lower your supply point regeneration. e.g. Someone who is a Lieutenant (level 11) is generating 446 SP per day (18.5 SP per hour). Whereas someone who is an Executor (level 15) is only generating 250 SP per day (10.4 SP per hour).

    The bug appears to affect all accounts at different levels.
  • CCtb12
    5 posts New member
    Yup Confessor getting 480 d 20/hour Executor getting 250 SP per day 10.4/hour....
  • REV1856
    13 posts Member
    There was a comment earlier by one of the developers stating that this was a problem with the ISP and that the issue had been resolved. World 42 is still broken... can't do anything with it. This needs fixed. I would question whether or not that server has been restarted today. Still can't collect resources, no matter which method I try. Also getting booted out of the server after a few minutes. Also now getting an error appearing when trying to collect resources: "CMD: CollectPackageResult failed with error: -1". Please help
  • REV1856
    13 posts Member
    World 42 is also unplayable. I believe there are two separate issues here. The first being connection issues with the ISP... that "might" be resolved. However there is another issue where at least world 42 can connect however, it us unplayable
  • World 105 (Europe) still not working
  • gamerdruid
    3894 posts Moderator
    Keep them coming!!!

    Report worlds that aren't working today, even if they were reported yesterday or overnight.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • EE_Elephterion
    1670 posts Envision Developer
    Thanks everyone for reporting broken worlds to us, we are helping worlds to recover. These worlds are slated for restart soon:
    • Welt 12
    • arab 2
    • welt 21
    • world 47
    • world 105
    • world 7 french
    • world 15 spain
    • world 87
    • world 88
    • world 45

    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • milox15666
    1 posts New member
    world 3 ko
  • 27redpassion
    2 posts New member
    Mondo 3 (italian)
    the problem continues
  • EE_Elephterion
    1670 posts Envision Developer
    milox15666 wrote: »
    world 3 ko
    Which world 3? Closed Beta 3 or any of the localized worlds?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • REV1856
    13 posts Member
    World 42 appears to be working this morning! I assume it was rebooted. Thanks!
  • SharkPBS
    1 posts New member
    world 70 europa not working
  • Othonjapa
    2 posts New member
    Mundo 8 Brazil is frozen, cant collect resources, cant attack, repair army! What is going on? No fix yet...
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